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Hello, I'm the key to the right.

1: Hypercube in all its glory showing both toolbars and the mighty playlist editor. Notice that not only can you see how long the film is, how far you are into it and how long is remaining but also, all the navigation controls are replicated on the playlist editor.

I did this so I could be watching video on the extended display, in my case an HD T.V. but still have full control of things on the Desktop. Does any other media player do this?

2: The same as figure one but with the toolbars removed. Get rid of them by clicking the key/lock icon on the top toolbar. Hovering the mouse over where they were will bring them back while the mouse remains there.

3: A taste of the main menu. In this case showing the Aspect Ratio sub menu. If you're anything like me then you want total contol of this feature as who knows how your video has been recorded.

The main menu is also available by right-clicking the navigation bar from the playlist editor or from the tray icon. Total control.....

4: Audio and Video controls. No skimping here, you even have a Graphic Equalizer! These controls need to be switched on as not all video formats support them. However, Hypercube can remember which files support them and which don't.

5: Select your own audio output device directly from Hypercube without all that tedious mucking about with Windows. This way your videos audio can be heard from your T.V. while all other Windows sounds still come from your P.C. speakers. Well, I thought that was pretty cool.

6: Not only can you choose to have subtitles overlaying the video or in a separate window as in figure 7, but you also have control over size, font and colour.

7: What do you do if you are playing a video on the T.V. and you want subtitles but no-one else does? Easy, assuming you're in control at the Desktop then you can have the subtitles displayed in a separate window without annoying anyone else. It's those little touches that make all the difference.

8: Subtitles displayed in the normal way.

9: Nothing yet but more to come..

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