Most of Hypercube is pretty intuative and I've decided not to waste my time writing pages of instructions that let's face it, no-one is ever going to read.

However, if there is anything you don't understand, or want to know how to do, or even have ideas about features you think Hypercube should have, send me an email to and I'll post the answer here. A bit like a F.A.Q. section.

Also, there are a few bits and pieces that aren't so obvious or in fact impossible to guess, so I'll start with those.

  • Does Hypercube support hotkeys? Yes, the following key combinations can be used no matter what application currently has focus.
    • Alt-Space: Pause/unpause current video.
    • Alt-PrtScn: Takes a snapshot of the video playing and saves it to the hypersnaps folder on your desktop in jpg format.
    • Alt-Arrow Keys: Jump and Skip backwards and forwards.
  • What is the Crash Safe menu item for? Now and again all computers crash. Having this item checked ensures that Hypercube saves all its data every ten seconds so if you do suffer a crash you can return to viewing pretty much where you left off.
  • Shutdown Windows menu item. If checked, this simply shutsdown windows after the current file or files have finished playing.
  • Creating Chapters: Or you could call them bookmarks. Simply select the Create Chapter menu item from the main menu at the point in the currently playing video that you want to mark. Enter a name for it and there you go. The index of chapters will appear in the playlist editor. Also, a small icon will be displayed next to any file that has chapter info. Just double-click on the chapter entry to go straight to that point in the video.

    Also, if you create chapter entries called From Here and To Here then the section of video between those two points will be skipped. This way you can do a bit of virtual editing :)
  • Moving Files around the Playlist Editor: The Playlist Editor is made up of two lists. The main list is for displaying the video files and the listbox to the left displays the various playlists you can create yourself.

    To move files around the in the main display, for example to put them in alphabetical order, simply left-click on the file you want to move and then position the mouse pointer to the desired location and click the middle-button/wheel.

    You can also do this with the playlist categories as well, athough you can't move the History or Queued categories.

    To move files from one playlist to another, just select the files you want to move and then using the middle button, click on the playlist you want them to be in.

    You can also drag and drop video files from any window into a playlist. Also, if you drag a folder to the Playlist Editor it will ask if you wish to create a new playlist based on the video files contained in that folder and any subfolders. This is very cool!!
  • Playing files: There are four main ways that Hypercube will allow you to play your videos.
    • The first and probably most obvious is to open a video file from the main menu.
    • The second is to drag a video file to Hypercubes main window.
    • Another method is to simply double-click on the video file. However, for this to work you have to associate the file, avi, mpg, mkv etc. with Hypercube otherwise something like Windows Media Player will open and that just doesn't bear thinking about... Also, if you select multiple files this way then the first will play and the others will all be placed in the Queued playlist.
    • Lastly, is to double-click on any file in the Playlist Editor. This will play the file from the beginning. However, if you double-click on the part of the line showing the Elapsed time, then the file will play from there. That way you can pick up from where you left off. Also, the Playlist Editor will remember which file was last played in each of its playlists and always return to that point. Again, a work of genius :)
As far as I know, I'm the only person who actually uses Hypercube hence my less than professional approach when it comes to this website. My basic philosophy is that I have written this player just for me, to do all the things that I want it to. This is why it won't play DVD's or audio files, because I never play DVD's or audio files. Not that I couldn't make it do these things, it's just that if no-one else is going to make use of such features, what's the point?

However, if it turns out that there are other people out there who actually enjoy using this little gem but wish it would also do this, that or the other then that's all the impetus I need to get coding.

Just drop me a line with your ideas to if there's some extra feature you'd like included, or even if you're happy with the way it is and just use it now and again. It'd be nice to just know I'm not the only one!

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